Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vintage Roots

It’s high time I gave some public praise for the excellent Vintage Roots, which is an organic wine delivery company. We regularly order a case of wine from them (which we always seem to get through a bit quicker than we probably should). They have a wide range of wines from all regions of the world, all of which are organic so have no nasty chemicals in them. Julie and I have fun choosing 6 bottles each and then noting who chose what, so we can praise or berate each other for our choices when sampling them. Although to be honest pretty much everything we’ve ordered from them has been good. They cater for a range of pockets, starting at £5 a bottle and going up to about £30, although you have to order a minumum of 12 bottles. They also do beers, liqueurs, chocolates, fruit cordials and other items (all organic).

Delivery is quick and efficient. Normally within 2 days of ordering, the heavy box of delights arrives. Only once so far have we had a bad bottle (corked), and this was handled brilliantly by their customer service. I phoned them and without any argument they just sent us a voucher which was actually worth more than the corked bottle.

So overall, they’re highly recommended by us. Salut!

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